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Publish Date

October 2021

This Much is True

Richard Osman


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The second novel in the record-breaking number one bestselling

Thursday Murder Club series from the biggest debut novelist in recent


It's the following Thursday, and Elizabeth has just had a visit from a

man she thought was dead. It's (one of) her ex-husbands, and he's being

hunted. His story involves some diamonds, some spies, and a very angry


Elizabeth puts it down to his normal grandstanding, but then the bodies

start piling up. So she enlists Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron in the hunt for

the killer. If they find the diamonds - well, that's just a bonus...

But this time the murderer isn't some small-time criminal, and it soon

becomes terrifying clear that they wouldn't bat an eyelid at killing

four septuagenarians. Can our team find the killer before the killer

finds them?

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